Another Beautiful Sunset That I Enjoyed

Lately I posted Sunset photo from Hansa Resort when I was talking with my friends.

Today I added another one from the same collection, tell me you don’t want to be there 😀

Another Paradise shot!

Another Paradise shot!

Location : Hansa Resort, Bantai, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Story: This photo was taken when my friend and I walking to hammock over there to enjoy beautiful sunset.

The universe creates beautiful moments and expects us to share with others – Tida 😀


11 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Sunset That I Enjoyed

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  4. Very well. I like to get honest, critical opinions about my work also.
    I really do like this shot, a lot. I can think of no obvious areas where improvement is needed. This really catches you eye for many reasons.

    • Great great! I look forward to read your comment telling me to improve 🙂

      Anyway, I’ve been looking and reading your blog so far so “Awesome” I’m kind of wanna get the same ‘gear’ with you

      • I agreed with you that, we may get better options for even less money.

        I shoot with my boy, Nikon D3200, why I got this one? love without explanation lol

        *choosing camera most of the time emotionally 😛

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